Happy New Year

It's been more than 1 year since I created Thermomix Tarif Defterim and published my first post and I didn't even notice that until a couple of days back

I am not very good with dates I must say. I hardly remember even what I had for lunch yesterday or what I did a couple of days ago. It is usually Stefano's business to remember the dates, birthdays and anniversaries. God makes us meet people to complete us and our flaws I suppose :) So I forgot the first birthday even if it is something very special... I felt very sorry when I noticed that...

Recently I neglected my blog because of kitchen renovations. That is also why I lost the track of time. I wish I could have made some preparations to make something special. Anyway... Let's leave it for the 2nd birthday. I have a whole year ahead of me to make plans. I've already set alarm in my cell for 7 Dec 2011 :)

I must say that it has been a fairly busy year for the blog, much busier than I thought. I hadn't planned nor thought that I'd try and publish so many recipes. I haven't counted one by one but saw that I published a total of 424 posts in Turkish and English so far, most of them are surely recipes. I couldn't even imagine that

I don't know how many times our paths crossed during this journey. I hope I was able to make even a small contribution in your Thermomix-ed lives

I will continue to try, experiment and publish new recipes also in new year. Is it gonna be as productive as previous year? Well.. We will wait and see

I wish you all a happy new year full of love, happiness and joy

I will be back very soon with new recipes

With Love....

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