Our Life Without a Kitchen


It's been a while that we continue our lives without a kitchen. The last recipe I made in my old kitchen was Flower Pogaca. So we could say it was a flashy farewell :)
I made all the newer recipes by borrowing Lucia's (my mother-in-law) kitchen

Since our kitchen has been disassembled we live a bed-and-breakfast kind of life. Lunches and suppers from Lucia, breakfast on us. I try to make new recipes whenever I have the chance however it is not quite possible to try as many things as before

We are expecting (and hoping) for the new kitchen cabinets to be mounted next week. After that all there is left would be cleaning, tidying and placing stuff. I really am fed up with all this mess and untidiness even though I don't consider myself extremely tidy

By the way I have some new ideas and recipes for Christmas. I just need some time to organize them. I tried one yesterday, it looked great but didn't taste as I expected. I will make a new trial today by changing the recipe completely. I'd really like to publish my Christmas recipes before Christmas so that people who'd like to try them wouldn't have to wait for 2012

Soon I will also publish home-made tortellini recipe

See you soon....


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