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Dear Friends,

I'd like to let you know that I won't be posting any recipes for a while because of holiday. Since my last post will remain on the homepage for 3-4 weeks I decided to post these pancakes to colour the blog during my absence ;)

It might not be possible for me to reply your comments and messages as fast as usual. 

See you again in September...

These pancakes are perfect to colour your tables
It was inevitable for me to try this recipe which I fell in love with as soon as I saw on Helene's blog

Helene gets the recipe from a Spanish blog. Another Spanish blog gives it a colourful touch. Thanks and conguratulations to everyone for their unique work and effort

It is an easy recipe and don't take much of your time
You surely don't have to prepare all three colours at the same time. Depending on how you would like to serve them and for how many people, you can make only one or two. However it is for sure that making all three would bring a riot of colours to your table

For coloring you can use beetroot, spinach and carrot
Helene steams all in Varoma as you can see here
I had some cooked beetroot already so I didn't have to steam it
I didn't have fresh spinach so I used frozen one. I cooked in microwave oven
I steamed carrots in Varoma

How and where you'd like to use this recipe depends on you. It does have a wide area of use. You can serve for breakfast, or together with dinner, even at picnic...

Here are the ingredients and preparation:

150g cooked vegetables, roughly chopped (beetroot or spinach or carrot - the colour of the vegetable will determine the colour of your pancakes)
100g milk
1 egg
1 clove of garlic
90g flour
A pinch of salt

  • Place cooked vegetable (depending on your desired colour) in TM Bowl together with garlic, milk and egg. Mix for 20 seconds on Speed 6
  • Add flour and salt. Mix for 15 seconds on Speed 4
NOTE:  If you are using beetroot as vegetable I'd recommend you to cover Measuring Cup with a tea towel to avoid any spitting

You will have quite a dense mixture with the recipe above

  • Cook in a slightly greased 24 - 26cm wide pan over medium - high heat
  • Spread the batter evenly by help of a spatula. (I made use of a spatula which is mainly used to spread cream while preparing cakes, it was a great help)
  • When bubbles begin to appear on one side of the pancake, turn the pancake using a dish. When both sides are cooked set aside and let it cool. Don't overcook to let it keep its color, reduce the heat if needed. When cooked it will kind of be like a sponge and will have a soft texture which would enable to roll it easily

How can I fill them?
However you like
I prepared a cheese mixture with some feta, crescenza and Philadelphia
Ricotta, mascarpone or another kind of spreadable cheese could be used by itself or mixing
It is important to have pancakes cooled enough before spreading the cheese mixture so that it wouldn't melt!
I put also 1 sausage in the carrot pancake before I rolled it. Helene put salmon and chieves
So it all depends on your palate, preference and what you have as ingredients
At last wrap pancakes with plastic film and let them cool in the fridge
Cut them into slices and serve. Wet you knife every once in a while to have a clean and beautiful presentation

Afiyet olsun...

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