Strawberry Vodka

PER ITALIANO "Vodka alla Fragola"

A beautiful marriage of strawberry and vodka... ;)

I bought Vodka to prepare homemade vanilla extract. All I needed was around 1 cup. I wanted to use the remaining Vodka for something else so it wouldn't go wasted. I remembered this recipe which I had read a while back.

I had the advantage of having always frozen strawberries available in my freezer so it was just a matter of a few minutes for me to prepare this drink. 

Before I proceed to the recipe I would like to share some photos from our 2nd day in Cappadocia.

On our second day we woke up to a surprise: snow! 
Ok, I admit it, we had heard some rumours of a possible snow but we hadn't found it quite probable mostly after our first day which was around 17ºC.

After we had breakfast we went to Paşabağ again. We wanted to see the place also under snow. It was on our route anyway. It was a big chance to be able to see the place with different weather conditions.

Our next stop was Zelve Open Air Museum. When we first entered it was snowing so hard covering all the grounds. In just about 5 minutes though, it stopped and melted away!

After Zelve we stopped by at Pigeon Valley. We learnt that pigeon droppings were very important for the agriculture in the area as they were very widely used as fertilizer in the fields.

We had the advantage of having a car so, since we were in the neighbourhood, we wanted to visit also Mount Erciyes, the highest mountain in central Anatolia, which also played a big part in forming fairy chimneys ages ago. We got the chance to see Kayseri as well even if just a little.

We had supper at Han Çırağan Restaurant in Ürgüp. We'd highly recommend it to anyone if you ever happen to go on a vacation in Cappadocia. They offer many options in their menu, the food is delicious, they also have a nice wine selection from the wines produced in the area.

It's time to prepare our own drink now with Thermomix so here are the ingredients for Strawberry Vodka...

100g sugar
600g frozen strawberries (removed from the freezer 5 minutes before use)
100g lemon juice
100g cold water
330g Vodka

Note: I used 50g of fresh lemon juice and 50g of fresh orange juice.

  • Pulverize sugar for 10 seconds on Speed 10.

  • Add strawberries and process for 30 seconds on Speed 10.

  • Add lemon juice, water and Vodka. Mix for 30 seconds on Speed 6.

  • Transfer into two 0.7 litre sterilised bottles. Store in the fridge.

Cheers ;) 

Because of my clumsy nature I managed to break one of my big sized bottles. That is why in the pictures there are one big bottle, one small bottle and one big glass with a generous serving ;)

If you wish you can serve in shot glasses as smaller portions.

This could be a nice gift to bring with you when you go to your friends.

Before use, remove the bottle from the fridge and shake it. After a couple of weeks strawberry and alcohol were quite separated. I put it back in TM Bowl and mixed for 10 seconds on Speed 6 before serving. I'd recommend you to do so when shaking is not enough.

Adapted with a few changes from the recipe titled as Vodka alla Fragola in the book named Cucinare a Modo Mio.

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