Dukan Diet, Glycemic Index Diet and
Red Bean Lentil Soup


Noone can deny it, it is hard to control what you eat when you are on holiday. On one hand I kept asking from mom for light dishes with lots of vegetables just because I could, on the other hand I gobbled down various kebaps and desserts in the restaurants I've been to. Given the fact that quitting smoking may have some negative effect on your metabolism, in other words, your slowed metabolism may present you with a few extra kilos, I finished two books on dieting since I am back from holiday 

Dukan Diet
First book I read is Dr Pierre Dukan's renowned The Dukan Diet, which has become even more popular after rumored as the diet that made Pricess Kate lose weight before the royal wedding. I must mention I've recently seen the book in the bestseller lists of every bookshop I've been to in both Turkey and Italy. I don't know how the situation is for the rest of the world

If there is anyone who somehow heard of this diet and would like to try it, I must say that you do need to read the book and comprehend it well. That is to say, do not be limited only with a few summarized lines in the newspapers, some chit chat on the TV and internet. I don't possess any medical knowledge to analyze thoroughly the Dukan Diet which generated both positive and negative critics. So, the wisest thing to do would be to ask your physician's advice. That said, I can share my impression on the book.

I found the book quite fluent and explicative. To me it sounded like it was written for those that need more radical solutions rather than those that need to get rid of only a couple of kgs. According to the online analysis on Dukan web site I apparently do not need to lose any weight due to Dukan criteria

As a result of my research on internet it seemed to me that many people who seriously followed the diet to the letter have managed to lose weight. I wonder if they would really be able to keep it that way in the future which is the point. I mean, I wonder if anyone who lost weight 5 years ago managed to preserve it. Dr Dukan is very assertive about it and says it is possible (only if you really follow it to the letter obviously)

As for my humble opinion...
I didn't find it very tempting personally. Let's say I fulfilled the conditions, got my doctor's approval, tried my best and limited myself with protein based foods and some non fat dairy products during the Attack Phase, the lack of fruits also during the Cruise Phase is a big minus for me for instance. Okay, I am not a vegetarian, I can even give up white bread, pasta and fattening stuff but I can't imagine a life without fruits and vegetables even if it would be just temporarily. Even on the Consolidation Phase, which is the 3rd phase, you are allowed to have only 1 serving of fruit per day. If someday I decide to try Dukan Diet I'd let you know but for the timebeing I don't have such intention.

Glicemic Index Diet
The second book I read is Glicemic Index Diet For Dummies penned by Meri Raffetto. I don't know if it was published also in Turkish but I read the English version

As a matter of fact, Glycemic Index Diet, as stated insistently over and over in the book, is more likely to be a life style than a diet. Although it is a regimen very rich in vegetables and fruits, it doesn't leave any food group out so I found it much more balanced and reasonable. Basically we are not 'unfamiliar' at all with its philosophy as our mothers always said but never took into account while filling up our plates :) : Eating everything but in moderation! However I'd advise you to read the book to understand better hom much "in moderation" is

I found the book quite motivating. As for the downside of this diet... It doesn't promise you any miracles, which is painfully honest. It is not possible to lose lot weight in a short periods of time. It doesn't provide you with some sort of diet program which you can follow day by day even if there are some sample recipes. It teaches you how you can implement it on your own. In brief, you will have to change your nutrition habits and life style if you decide to introduce this regimen into your life. Low Glycemix Index based diet is claimed to have many health benefits mainly for diabetics but not only. Nevertheless don't act only upon my word but read the book and ask for your physican's advice as always.

And finally here are the ingredients for today's recipe:

150g onion, quartered
150g potatoes, roughly chopped
200g red lentils (weighed before I washed them)
1 tbsp Thermomix Vegetable Stock Concentrate
1100g water
2 cloves of garlic
1 can of red kidney beans (1 can = 400g; drained amount is 240g)
30g butter or olive oil
1/2 - 1 tsp paprika

  • Chop onion and potatoes for 5 seconds on Speed 5
  • Add washed-drained lentils
  • Add water and TM concentrate, close half way with the Measuring Cup and cook for 30 minutes on Speed 1-2
  • Close with Measuring Cup, hold it with a tea towel and blend or 30 seconds on Speed 8-9
  • Add drained beans, cook for 5 minutes on Reverse / Speed 1
  • Optional: Melt butter in a pan. As soon as melted turn off the fire, add paprika and mix. 
  • Serve soup into the bowls. Dress with 1-2 tbsp of sauce and serve

Afiyet olsun...

Adapted with some changes from the recipe called Mexican Bean Lentil Soup in the April 2011 issue of Sofra Magazine.

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