Our Great Disappointment with Whirlpool

TÜRKÇE İÇİN TIKLAYIN "Whirlpool Bizi Hüsrana Uğrattı"
PER ITALIANO "La Nostra Grande Delusione con Whirlpool"

I have to make one thing clear:

You won't find a recipe at the bottom of this post contrary to my usual posts.

Therefore, if you are not interested, you can simply skip this one and navigate away to my usual posts.
I wanted to write down this warning in advance in order to avoid from any misdirection or disappointment at the end since it would be very long to read all.

As for the reason why I am writing about it... I feel somehow obligated to share this wrongdoing and injustice so that it could leave a trace of our unpleasant experience in this virtual world and who knows.. maybe every once in a while a few interested, curious people would be directed into this page via search engines and hear our story.

The greatness of great companies is not only limited to the quality and quantity of their products but also directly related to how they handle the problems and the troubles which may occur after sales, which we believe Whirlpool failed entirely.

Since we live in Italy the direct addressee for this matter is Whirlpool Italy and their Technical Services. I don't have any personal experience about how they operate in other countries but I can say that I failed also contacting Whirlpool US. You will find far more details below.

You will find a bit shortened copy of the email we posted to Whirlpool Italy on the 27th July 2012 after having never-ending problems for 3 and a half years.

I must note also that we haven't heard at all from them.

To Whom It May Concern,

In Jan of 2009 we bought a Whirlpool 6th Sense Power Clean dishwasher, “ADP 81/AS”; and since then we always had problems one after another.

Starting almost from the very beginning, not even a couple of weeks passed, we had an error code “which said f6 error” so we contacted Whirlpool Service, so a technician came. The strange thing is when he came he found the dishwasher fully functioning, no error at all. He told me that these 6th Sense ones are very sensitive and also detergent overuse might be the reason. (I always used Finish liquid detergent by the way and never use more than the indication in the box). He put some “olive oil” in the machine saying sometimes detergents produce foam and so the dishwasher doesn’t seem like it empties the water under a certain period of time so it might be that. He told me to try all the programs and then contact and tell him about which ones are giving error. He said unless he sees the error it is impossible to solve but he can’t try every single program washing circle himself since it would be waste of time. I sure agreed and thanked him and even said sorry for his troubles which turned to be for nothing.

After he left, as we agreed, I tried every single program with any possible combinations however the dishwasher seemed working normally again so there was nothing to report back. So I thought it was just a one time thing.

After that day it happened again every once in a while, but it went back to working after a couple of trials. Whenever it happened I added a bit olive oil as he recommended me to do so. I wanted to make sure that there was really a continuous error before I called the service again because the previous time the error was mysteriously disappeared and so he was unable to solve it.

I had again the same error, seemed more permanent.  I added some olive oil as he recommended, nothing seemed working. So we contacted again and get appointment. Since once I called the service and when he arrived the dishwasher gave no errors, to be on the safe side this time, I started the circle once again before my appointment day.  It worked fine all circle! I didn’t know if I should have been happy or not. There sure was a problem and we still had to solve it! I phoned the service again to cancel the appointment saying the error was gone for the moment. It would be useless to make him come because he wouldn’t understand again the problem
The dishwasher worked on and off for some time.  Every now and then I had error. In May 2010 I had to contact whirlpool service again because I had a very insisting F6 error since several weeks. I hoped this time they could see the cause because when the technician came it kept giving the very same error.

He checked again the filters, pipes... Everything seemed OK. Nothing seemed out of ordinary he said. There was no reason to explain why it wasn't working according to him. (By the way, I always put pre-cleaned dishes in the dishwasher. I never put them very dirty. So it was very unlikely that it would have a filter problem or any blockage)
Anyway he checked again, unscrewed the filter. He took out a plastic piece from the machine. It is a piece from dishwasher by the way, not something else that was stuck there. He removed it, not replaced it, saying this piece might give problems sometimes. He told me to try several programs again and then if it still doesn't work they would take it to their laboratory.
The thing is they didn’t know the cause. They never knew! He said they didn’t know of what causes this f6 problem. In fact he said they had another dishwasher with the exact f6 problem sitting in their laboratory for 1 month!! He said they checked many things, they can’t find the problem. Since the day they brought it in to their laboratory it seems working and they hit start button every once in a while to see what the problem is but it never gave that error yet again. He asked me if I wanted he would take it to the laboratory, he said he could come back the day after and take it or I could keep it and try every once in a while and maybe it would be working again. I didn’t see any logical reason to send our dishwasher to their laboratory to rust there as they knew nothing of the problem!

I tried several times after he left, at the beginning it didn't work. A couple of weeks passed it started working again. Just like that. So I didn’t call him back. There was no use to call the whirlpool service as they knew nothing.

It worked a couple of months then stopped couple of days or even weeks and then worked again…

At some point I couldn’t take it any longer and I wrote an email to Whirlpool US describing my error and asking for information on such error saying that the Whirlpool service in Italy was unable to solve it, since they are an US origined company maybe they knew better. It was on 28th September 2010. Well… I didn’t hear anything at all from them either. I didn’t know what to do anymore.

This went on and on and on. You can not imagine how irritating and stressing this was each time it happened. It worked several months, stopped working several days even couple of weeks and started working again. It was always this f6 error. Since they knew nothing about what caused the problem, It was useless to call them and pay 25 euro for each time they come without even actually fixing anything.

And here came the day it didn’t work anymore. I tried several times each day.  It was over 1.5 month and finally I gave up. I decided to call the service, even if they had to take it to their laboratory for whole year so be it I said.

He came on 15th Dec 2011. He saw the problem. It was the same one. This famous f6. He said that they found out that it was NOT f6 but it was fb error which was a whole different kind of error!!! They made a mistake because the letter “b” on the lcd screen looks like “6”. He said that they were recently informed by Whirlpool about that fb and f6 were different errors indeed so they needed different solutions obviously. So after being informed, they were able to fix other machines that had the same problem and they now knew for sure what was wrong with it and what piece to change. The “funny” thing is until whirlpool service sorted out this confusion –which as a client we had nothing to do with-  and found out what was causing the problem it passed more than 2 years which meant we didn’t have the guarantee anymore!!!! I don’t claim that the service acted with some kind of bad intention but the incompetence of whirlpool service has been the most inconvenient for us!! When I mentioned that to the whirlpool technician, he said he understands me well, he was sorry but I had to pay because our guarantee was over. It was 95 euro all included. I decided not to make a fuss about it, I was even happy that the famous and mysterious fb problem was to be solved finally! On 28th Dec 2011 he came back and changed the piece and it started working again. I was relieved thinking this was finally end of the story but no way!

It worked for like 7 months. This time we had another problem.  I wash dishes at night. One morning I wake up and there is no electricity in the house. I check and find out that it is only our apartment. I don’t understand why it blew at first but later we find out when we start dishwasher it blows the fuse.
We phoned the service. The technician comes and sees that it was the resistor device this time which was burnt so he changed it. It costed us another 150 Euro. I couldn’t believe how unlucky we had been.  I bought also a whirlpool branded detergent which makes the total amount 160. So, as of 17/07/2012 we paid 280 Euro in total.

He left. Not even 10 minutes passes, I hear an alarm coming from dishwasher. I go check and I see that it now gives error F2! A whole brand new error.  I try to turn the dishwasher off,  I can’t because the on-off button doesn’t work either! I open the door of dishwasher, it stops ringing. I phone right away the service telling what just happened, they put me on hold, and then they say they tried to call the technician’s cell but they couldn’t reach him so probably he won’t be able to come back the same day. It is Tuesday. They give me another appointment for Thursday afternoon. I say I can’t turn it off and they tell me to unplug the dishwasher.

Thursday afternoon he comes again. He says he doesn’t understand what happened with the on-off button. He tries to start the machine. He opens it. He says on-off button is broken for some reason of which he doesn’t know.  He manages to start the machine, he opens it and following a further check he sees that also another device which was connected to resistor device is also broken. He doesn’t have the exact price at that moment but roughly it may be another 150 Euro! This is beyond a nightmare!!!  420 Euro to fix a dishwasher? (I would doubt if it is ever fixable at this point!) With the same amount of money I could have bought a new one already and didn’t suffer all this time! if we were informed on Tuesday that we had to pay for 2 broken pieces not one, which would cost us around 150+150, we didn’t even consider to change that resistor device at the first place!! So here we are… paid 270 Euro to fix a machine, we instead end up with a broken one and still are asked to pay another 150!!!! Oh, I almost forgot, I don’t know how much the ON-OFF button fix would cost. There is also that to be added to the total cost!

This has been the worst experience ever! I never had this much problem with any kind of electronics, white goods products of any brands!!

It seems so, we were sold an obviously faulty dishwasher from the very beginning, before the guarantee period was over they couldn’t find the problem, after that we paid 25+ 95 + 150 =270 Euro to fix it so far (just because we refused to pay another 150 Euro, otherwise our total would be 420 as I said before). And who the hell knows if it would be fixed for good. At this point I really don’t think so!

What to do now? The total cost of faulty whirlpool dishwasher + incompetence of whirlpool services equals 600 + 420 Euro (so far).  And who is going to compensate us now?? I don’t think that this is fair towards us as it is not to any other client of yours as well!

The day after, Friday 20th July 2012, we were contacted by whirlpool service. Are you ready for their offer? Well.. here it comes! They offered to SELL us another dishwasher with similar functions in a discounted price of 450 Euro!! I am about to lose my mind, my sanity!!

My husband said we are not in a position to buy anything at the moment, he said we want them to uninstall the piece of 150 Euro! If we were let know that we had to pay 300 in total, we wouldn’t buy it at the first place! Any sane person wouldn't!!! The lady from the service said she is going to contact us back! And she didn’t! We are still waiting for that call!

The technician himself was a very gentle person, I can’t say anything about that. But his gentleness didn’t solve any of our problems!

Whirlpool Italy after sales services are a nightmare!! One of the problems is obviously Whirlpool doesn’t educate their technical services enough. They don’t teach them enough about the technical problems, errors. They are not well-equipped. Whirlpool informs clients greatly before sales but their after sales services sucks!! I would expect much more from such a big, international and renowned company!! I can’t claim that all Whirlpool products are bad and broken but when it happens a faulty or broken one every once in a while Whirlpool does NOT take responsibility for it!!

I can’t find enough words to explain my frustration!! We had bought our fridge, oven and stove all branded whirlpool as well as our dryer in the bathroom! Even if I didn’t have any problem with them (yet!), I don’t think I would buy any whirlpool product anymore and nobody can claim that I overreact! 

I guess our fault as client was to trust in whirlpool service, being gentle, accepting to pay fb/f6 error even when we shouldn’t have and expressing our discontent gently and not making a big fuss about it as many do. The good, gentle and easy going people most of the time destined to lose I guess.

I am aware that I wrote a very long letter. Thanks to Whirlpool I had to live with these problems for 3.5 years, I don’t think it would be too much to ask 3 minutes of your time to read it!

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