Valentine's Day is coming...


Valentine's Day is coming...

Our Valentine's Day dinner from last year may give some ideas to those who wish for a romantic, quiet and private dinner at home.

I prepared Creamy Tomato Soup. I cut bread slices with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, toasted them, spread some Roquefort Sauce and placed them in the center of the soup.

Valentine's Day soup

I grilled Breaded Chicken Slices. I served them with some mixed vegetable dish using whatever vegetable I had in the fridge.

Our Valentine's Day Menu

Additionally I baked Champignon and Smoked Provola Quiche and Farinata di Ceci alle Erbe Aromatiche.

Besides Roquefort Sauce, I already had some Olive Pate and Pepper Salsa in the fridge.

Of course, on this special day we had a nice bottle of white wine which couldn't be missing from our table :)

Our Valentine's Day Menu

You may think "But weren't all these too much for only you two?". Yes, they definitely were.  
I had already planned out what to do with the leftovers in the next couple of days. 

Furthermore, I wanted to prepare some material to publish on the blog. It wasn't all for my Valentine's sake you see. Well.. let's keep this last one between us, shall we? ;)

Oh.. There was also a gorgeous cake. You will have to wait for tomorrow for the recipe ;)

Valentine's Day cake

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