Sweetened Condensed Milk

TÜRKÇE İÇİN TIKLAYIN "Koyulaştırılmış Şekerli Süt"
PER ITALIANO "Latte Condensato Zuccherato"

Today I'd like to share some applications with you which I downloaded and used efficiently since the day we bought iPad in midsummer until now. 

As every new tablet-user do, the first thing we did was to search as many applications as possible and download'em all:) There is an application almost for anything, it really is quite confusing to pick which ones would really be helpful to your actual needs. As I said we downloaded many apps on a whim. You notice though after a while your tablet looks like a dumpsite with many unnecessary apps which, at first, you believed that you needed for. So I decided to keep them for a while and cancel the ones I hardly use.

Some of the apps which I am going to mention below have iPhone and Android versions. Links may change in time so I won't be giving any specific download links since I prefer not to have any broken links in the blog. You can look for applications' name in App Store or Android Market. They are all free for the moment, I don't know if this would change in the future.

The apps I personally use the most are:

Tango, Skype and FaceTime: All three allow you to make video calls. Very helpful for anyone but mostly people like me who live far from their families and many friends.

Flipboard: This is an app that provides you with news, entartainment, social media.. etc content which were selected personally by yourselves. It is bringing all content together in a magazine-format which is very pretty and user friendly.

iPeriod ve Period Tracker: These are exclusively for women. They allow you to watch closely your periods. It is possible to take daily notes about cramps, flow, appetite and moods. I can say that as a very forgetful person I really benefited from these apps, I don't have to worry anymore about things like when my previous period was took place or when the next one would be. Besides, the ones who intend to get pregnant can watch closely their ovulation period and act accordingly ;)

And of course the leading actor of one of my previous posts;)
Pinterest: Using Pinterest on your iPad browser (I tried both with Safari and Dolphin) may limit your Pinterest experience as you don't have a pin it butto while surfing internet. That's why if you are a fan of Pinterest it is better to have their application.

Now let's come to today's recipe...
I believe those of you who like to follow food blogs and web sites often saw the sweetened condensed milk amongst the ingredients. Or you already know well and even use it.

So far, I haven't seen it in any supermarket in Istanbul. 
As for Italy, every once in a while I see Nestle's product on the shelves but not always. It is not very easily found also around where I live. Therefore you can understand my excitement when I saw this recipe in The Opies: Family Food. All you need is milk, sugar and vanilla. After experimenting with different amounts, Andrea decides to make it with the proportions as given below.

400g whole milk
200g sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract


  • Put all the ingredients in TM Bowl. Close the lid and place the steaming basket on the top. (The steaming basket will help you prevent splashes and also let the milk condense enabling evaporation.)

  • Cook at Varoma Temperature on Speed 4. (Andrea notes cooking time as 17 minutes however I needed to cook more. The quality of the milk and the sugar might be affecting the timing. That's why I am not giving you an exact cooking time. I'd recommend you to check it out every 2-3 minutes after the first 17 minutes passed. The milk should be condensed but pay attention not to over-condense it by overcooking. Consider that it will thicken a little also during cooling)

  • Transfer it into a jar, let it cool.


Many many thanks to Andrea for sharing this recipe, in behalf of all those who can't get a hold of sweetened condensed milk such as myself. ;)

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