Çiçek Ekmek / Flower Bread

50g milk
150g water
15g fresh yeast
410g flour
1 tbsp honey
5g salt
20g margarine or butter (room temperature)

1 egg yolk (beaten)
  • Warm milk and water for 30 seconds at 37°C on Speed 1
  • Add fresh yeast. Mix for 5 seconds on Speed 3
  • Sift in flour. Add honey, salt and margarine. Knead for 6 minutes
  • Put it a bowl, cover with plastic film and let it rise at least 1 hour.
  • Get a 130g piece of the dough. Divide the rest of the dough into 8 balls.
  • Cover a 20cm diameter tin with wax paper
  • Roll the balls by your hands smoothly
  • Put the 130g ball in the center of the tin
  • Place the remaining 8 balls around it in a way that they slightly touch one another forming a flower-like shape bread
  • Let it rise for another 1 hour
  • Brush it with beaten egg yolk and sprinkle with some nigella
  • Bake it in the 220°C preheated oven for 30 minutes. (I cooked for 25 minutes at 220°C and for last 5 minutes at 200°C)
Notes: In original recipe it's used the whole egg (beaten) to brush over the bread, instead i used only egg yolk.
The link for the original recipe is here

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