Pepper Sauce

For 500g pasta
200g red pepper, roughly chopped
150g green pepper, roughly chopped
40g margarine or butter
40g parmesan, roughly chopped
150g milk cream

  • Grate parmesan for 15 seconds by speeding up from 2 to 9 and set aside
  • Chop peppers for 5 seconds on Speed 7
  • Add margarine and salt. Cook for 20 minutes at 100°C on Speed 2
  • Add parmesan and cream. Mix for 15 seconds on Speed 4
  • Mix your sauce with pasta and serve

Buon Appetito

I reduced the amount of butter to make it lighter. In original recipe it was 80g, I used 40 instead.  It was very delicious as well

The link for the original recipe is here

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