Mimosa Cake: Happy Women's Day


Mimosa Cake

The symbol of 8 March Women's Day in Italy is yellow mimosa flower. On this special day it is a tradition for men to offer mimosa to their mothers, partners, female friends and colleagues. 

The beginning of this tradition goes back to 1946 when Italian Women Association chose Mimosa as the symbol of 1st Women's Day celebration in Italy.

According to Wikipedia one of the reasons for this decision was that they felt French symbols of the day, violets and the lily of the valley were to scarce and expensive to be effective in Italy.

The fact that it blooms in the beginning of March was just perfect for the event. With its wide availability and intense yellow color which represents vitality Mimosa has become very successful and come until today as the emblem of the day.

The recipe of the day, Mimosa Cake, is a very popular cake in Italy which is made for this special day.

Happy Women's Day to all wonderful women out there !


Pan di Spagna (Italian Sponge Cake)
Pastry Cream*
250g whipping cream (35% fat)

200g pineapple juice
1 can of pineapple (8 slices)

* While preparing pastry cream for this recipe I'd like to recommend you to make a thicker one by increasing the amount of the starch a bit and/or cooking a few more minutes.


  • Cut pan di spagna in half. Transfer bottom half into serving plate.

Mimosa Cake with Thermomix

Mimosa Cake with Thermomix

  • Brush bottom half with pineapple juice
  • Spread pastry cream. Place pineapple slices. 

Mimosa Cake with Thermomix

  • Whip cream according to the recipe and spread whipped cream all over.

Mimosa Cake with Thermomix

  • Break roughly the remaining Pan di Spagna into pieces. Put in TM Bowl and chop coarsely 5 seconds on Speed 5. Cover the cake all over. Serve.

Mimosa Cake 


Adapted with a few changes from the recipe titled as Torta Mimosa in "Io e il mio Bimby", which is the Italian Guide and Recipe Book for Thermomix.

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