Tomato Soup with Yogurt

75g tomato paste
80g plain yogurt (Greek or Turkish kind)
45g plain flour
1 egg
5 cups of water  (1 cup=200ml)
1 cup of milk
20g Thermomix vegetable concentrate
35g margarine
Enough salt
  • Blend tomato paste, yogurt, flour and egg for 10 seconds on Speed 3 and later for 15 second on Speed 4
  • Start TM on Speed 3, pour down the milk and the water through the hole of the lid.
  • Add vegetable stock and cook it for 20 minutes at 100°C on Speed 2
  • Add margarine and cook for 5 minutes at 100°C on Speed 2. (At this stage add also salt if needed. I sometimes don't use salt when I use TM vegetable concentrate)
  • Blend it for 10 seconds on Speed 8 and its ready to serve!
Optional: You can sprinkle with a bit of black pepper

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