Spider-web Pumpkin Cheesecake

TÜRKÇE İÇİN TIKLAYIN "Balkabaklı Örümcek Ağlı Cheesecake"
PER ITALIANO "Cheesecake alla Zucca con Ragnatela"

Here I am giving the last recipe of this year's Halloween. Now we can go on with our lives! :)
This is a revised cheesecake recipe. You can simply do it any time of the year by changing the decoration on the top. Do not eliminate the chocolate though, just decorate it differently if you should, because chocolate really gives a nice touch to this cake.

Before proceeding to the recipe, I'd like to mention about a web site which I've been visiting very often recent days. Have you ever heard of Pinterest? You probably did. It is me who was very late to be informed about but once you get to know it, you can't let it go:)

Actually I heard some mentioning "Pinterest" but I didn't know what it was all about until recently. So.. What is this Pinterest? Pinterest is a visual pinboard where users visually share the things their interests and whatever they like by simply pinning them into their boards. It is said the vast majority of its users are women (Some say even like 90%). Once you are hooked you see right away the female impact in Pinterest is extremely high :)

It easier used than said but let me explain to you generally.
First thing you need to do is to subscribe it, it is a free and open board.

After subscription you can see and visit many Pinterest categories such as Women Fashion, Men Fashion, Food & Drink, Hair & Beauty, Home Decor, Travel, Photography, Animal, Architecture, Art...etc. You can "pin" the stuff you like onto your own boards. For example you can create a Hairstyle Board and pin a bun you like onto your board. You can pin a Thermomix recipe onto your Thermomix Recipes Board. I, for example, created a Board with my blogs posts as you can see partially below

As you can follow the boards created by other users or repin their pins, this does not mean that your Pinterest experience has to be limited to the sources in Pinterest only!  By adding "pin it" button to your browsers, you can simply hit the button and pin stuff that interests you while surfing on internet. For example, you are planning for a trip to Paris for next month or even for some unknown future day. While surfing, you came across some very nice photos and an article which talk about a spectacular museum in Paris. Normally we say ourselves "let me remember this for when I go to Paris" or we try to note it down some place that later we forget about it. Thanks to Pinterest now we can create a "Paris" board and pin that picture (consequently also the link to that article) there. We can go back reading it whenever we want.

Let me give a simple example from my own experience. One of the things Stefano and I are very passionate about is movies. We love watching good examples of any genre, from drama to comedy, from thriller to horror, from action to documentaries, from fantasy to animation.. We are quite certain of ourselves that the best buying that we ever did is lying in our lounge now: our precious our DLP projector and the big screen:)
Recently we've decided to make a small addition to our home decoration considering this passion of ours. We were attracted by the idea of hanging framed posters of some movies we love. On one hand we wanted it to reflect us, ourselves; on the other hand we didn't want to have an end result such as a youngsters room. This was the first time I referred to Pinterest seriously. To get some ideas and inspiration I pinned several frames, framing & hanging combinations and original or alternative movie posters to my related boards. It was a huge help I must say. We haven't completed our project yet, I post a picture of it when it is done. The below picture shows partially my "Frames" board in Pinterest.

Let me note one last thing.
Recently Pinterest started to allow its users to have some "secret" boards. Let's say you want to buy a present for your spouse, friend..etc, or you want to plan a surprise trip, you can pin the ideas and inspirations you find onto your secret board. Apart from the secret boards, everything else is open to share. Pinterest users can not reach your account but follow your boards, see your pins and repin them.
If this Pinterest thing has attracted your interest and would like to see my humble boards just to get an impression, my user name is Sinemadc.

And now... Let's come to the last Halloween recipe of the year...


250g Digestive biscuits
150g butter, chopped
40g brown sugar

To steam pumpkin
250g pumpkin, chopped
400g water
1 heaped tbsp brown sugar

Cheesecake mixture:
Steamed pumpkin
500g Philadelphia
200g sugar
20g fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp cinnamon
A pinch of salt
200g fresh cream
2 eggs + 2 egg yolks

To decorate:
100g dark chocolate, broken into pieces
10g butter
10g fresh cream

  • Melt butter for 3 - 4 minutes at 80°C on Speed 2.
  • Add brown sugar and Digestive biscuits, mix for 10 seconds on Speed 6.

  • Grease a 24cm springform pan, cover with baking paper, press the mixture onto the bottom and the sides of cake pan. (I did approx 4cm high)

  • Refrigerate it until you prepare all the rest.
  • Put water in TM Bowl, insert steaming basket with chopped pumpkin. Sprinkle with 1 heaped tbsp of brown sugar.

  • Steam for 25 minutes at Varoma Temperature on Speed 2.
  • Remove steaming basket, let it drain and come to room temperature.
  • In a clean and wiped TM Bowl place Philadelphia, sugar and steamed pumpkin. Mix for 4 minutes on Speed 4-5.

  • Scrape down the sides of TM Bowl. Add lemon juice, ground ginger, cinnamon, salt and cream. Mix for 30 seconds on Speed 3-4.
  • Scrape down the sides of TM Bowl. Start Thermomix on Speed 3-4. Add eggs one at a time through the hole of TM Lid and mix for 30 seconds in total.
  • Transfer cheese mixture into the cake pan. (Pop air bubbles with a toothpich in case there are any)

  • Bake in preheated oven at 170°C for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Let it cool for 2-3 hours inside the oven without opening the door.

  • For decoration, place chocolate in a clean and wiped TM Bowl. Grind for 7 seconds on Speed 7. Scrape down the sides with spatula.
  • Add butter and cream. Melt for 3-4 minutes at 50°C on Speed 2.
  • When it is ready to pipe, fill a piping bag or paper cone and decorate your cheesecake piping a spider web. Place a small spider over the web. (I piped the legs of the spider. When the chocolate started to get hardened I rolled a piece into a ball shape and formed the body. Placed it over the legs)
  • Let your cheesecake rest overnight in the fridge.


A little note: I still have to get better at using a piping bag. Sometimes I say "Oh yes, go girl, that's it" sometimes I get totally clumsy. I didn't make a flawless perfect job while decorating this cake either, I won't deny it. While piping some pieces got broken off, I reunited and fixed by hand. I tried to correct any imperfection along the way. Nevertheless I am satisfied with the result.

Adapted with a few changes from this recipe.

If you are "pinterested" :) my blog's Thermomix - Bimby Board is here

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