Vanilla Yogurt

PER ITALIANO "Yogurt alla Vaniglia"

In our household, the Vanilla Sugar, which I gave the recipe for in my previous post, is mostly used to make this very delicious vanilla yogurt. Since we use it to prepare breakfast we always have some in the fridge.

1000g whole milk
100g yogurt
50g milk powder (I used skimmed milk powder)
40g sugar (I use agave syrup)
20g vanilla sugar

  • Place all the ingredients in TM Bowl. Warm for 4 minutes at 50°C on Speed 4.
  • Preheat oven at 50°C and turn it OFF. (optional step) 
  • Remove TM Bowl off the base. Close TM lid. Close TM hole with Measuring Cup. (If you wish you can transfer it into sterilised jars. I prefer to leave it in TM Bowl during fermentation.) Wrap with a fleece throw.
  • Place in the oven. Let it sit there undisturbed for 12 - 15 hours. (Avoid exceeding 15 hours though, the longer you wait, the more sour your yogurt gets.)
  • Here is what you see when you open the lid after a 14 hours fermentation. (Tiny dots on the yogurt are from the processed vanilla beans so they are the good stuff! :) )

  • Transfer into a large container or jars, close the lid(s) and let it cool in refrigerator.


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