Chocolate Mousse


The recipe comes from Jean Pierre Wybauw who is Technical Adviser for renowed chocolate producer Callebout. I saw the video on Super Kitchen Machine and decided to try it asap. If you are interested in chocolate recipes on the mentioned page you can find other videos from Jean Pierre, I'd advise to check them out

In my Thermomix guide book (Io e il Mio Bimby) there is a chocolate mousse recipe which, for some unknown reason, I have not tried yet. It includes also eggs. I publish when I try it

This recipe is eggless. It is very easy to prepare and the result is stunning. I still have a very long way to go to be able to use the piping bag properly but this time I saw a bit improvement in myself. At least, this time I haven't messed badly my clothes and the kitchen :)

Of course Master Chocolatier Jean Pierre prepares it with Callebout chocolates but I used whatever I've got. It is obviously not a must to use Callebout yet I'd recommend you to buy a good quality chocolate with 70% cocoa. It would effect the result very positively

How many servings can we get out of this recipe? It depends on how big your portions are 
I used 2 different sized cups.
I was able to fill 3 small espresso cups and 7 aluminium foil cups

Espresso cups are just to get a taste of mousse but don't fill you up. I guess I'd use that size when I organize a lunch or dinner with many guests. For such invitation I'd prepare also a second tart or cake, probably fruit-based.

In my opinion aluminium foil size is more satisfying as a portion size. Of course all depends on how much chocolate it would take to satisfy you personally, you make the calculation! ;)


250g dark chocolate with 70% cocoa, broken into pieces
130g milk
500g fresh cold cream
50g sugar


  • As first thing make ready your piping bag and serving cups ready so that you wouldn't lose much time later
  • Chop chocolate for 7 seconds on Speed 7
  • Add milk and warm for 4 minutes at 50ºC on Speed 2-3. Transfer into a big bowl

  • Wash and wipe TM Bowl
  • Insert Butterfly. Add cream and sugar. Whip it for 4-4.5minutes on Speed 3.*

  • Transfer whipped cream into the bowl. Mix it gently with spatula

  • Pipe mousse into serving cups. Refrigerate for at least 3-4 hours before you serve

Afiyet olsun...

*Important Note: Before whipping the cream, make sure your TM Bowl is clean and wiped and do not go over Speed 3 otherwise you would end up having a nice butter! It happened to me once. If the same thing happened to also today I guess I would put a good face on and add the recipe to the blog saying "I've made a gorgeous butter for you today" :) Speaking of which, let me really do that soon.

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  1. Bu o kadar iyi yapılır!Ben şimdi;-) tatlılar aç
    Büyük fotoğraf ve çanta önceden hazırlamak için önemli bir tavsiye. Blog sayfamda bağlantı için teşekkür ederiz:) Kanada selamlar

  2. Teşekkürler Helene ;)
    I am planning to try some other recipes from your blog but it is hard to keep up with you! ;)
    I let you know of the results when I try them
    Görüşürüz ;)

  3. For non-Turkish speakers let me translate back Helene's comment ;)
    "This is done so well! I'm hungry now;-) desserts. Great photos and piping bag is an important recommendation to prepare in advance. Thank you for the link on my blog:) Greetings from Canada"