Longtail Mouse


During my recipe search for Halloween I came across with this Rabid Rat recipe on The Daily Goodie Bag. They got it from a recipe titled as Longtail on Hungry Halloween.

Both of them prepare a big mouse which which needs to be sliced to serve. Since it would loose its shape when cut into the slices I decided to prepare single portions for each plate. This is sure more time consuming. Thanks God we were 3!!! :)

Since we would be 16 at Halloween dinner we decided to prepare 16 mouses but somewhat we ended up with 17, we don't know how :)

We additionally put kit kats inside the mouses. When we tried them plain we felt like there was something missing, kit kat was a nice touch, in our opinion of course.

As for the ingredients and preparation...


60g sugar
750g Oreo Biscuits (650 + 100)
370g Philadelphia cheese (320 + 50)
1 egg white
Chocolate Chips (For the eyes)
Kit Kats
Red food coloring


  • Powderize suar for 20 seconds on Speed 10 and set aside
  • Process biscuits until fine crumbs for 10 seconds on Speed 8. Continue 5 seconds more if needed
  • Set aside 100g of Oreo.
  • Add 320g Philadelphia and mix for 30 seconds on Speed 4-5. Mix with spatula and then mix again for 20 seconds on Speed 4-5.
  • Wrap with plastic film and refrigerate for 30 minutes
  • Get an aprox. 60g piece of biscuit dough. Set aside a small piece of it to prepare ears and 4 legs
  • To prepare body place kit kat at the center and wrap around it. Give it an oval shape with help of some plastic film.
  • Roll it in fine biscuit crumbs until covered.

  • Insert 2 chocolate chips to form the eyes.
  • Place mouses on baking paper. (The mouses can be placed directly on the serving plates but if you are preparing as many as we did this could be a problem to store them in the fridge. If you plan to prepare one big mouse or not as many as we did, you could put them into the serving plates already.) 
  • Form ears and legs (2 skinnier shorter front legs and 2 wider longer back legs) and stick them by applying a little egg white
  • Continue to form mouses with the remaining biscuit dough.

  • Mix 50g Philadelphia with icing sugar and very little red food coloring to give a pink color (for me only 1 drop was enough). Pipe with a piping bag or paper cone, which you can make yourselves, to form nails, nose, ears and tail as seen in the photos. (You can check this video to see how to prepare a paper cone)
  • Store in the fridge, serve at room temperature.

Afiyet olsun...

Note:  If you will prepare a large number of mouses I'd recommend you to have a couple of people with you for help. It is quite time consuming and if you are kind of a perfectionist it might take ages! :)

This post is the last Halloween recipe for 2011.
This year's Halloween has been pretty productive ;)

Good Night...

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