Halloween is coming up


I'd like to remind you Witch Fingers and Spiders recipes which I prepared last year for Halloween, so while there is still enough time you can take them into consideration if you are planning any Halloween party.

Also for this year's Halloween dinner party, together with our close friend Andrea we rolled up our sleeves to prepare a 'horrendous' night!

While Andrea and Stefano concentrated on interior and exterior decorations, I mostly focused on preparing some new recipes which are both delicious and eye-pleasing.

After long lasting researches, compilations and trials we managed to come up with some very successful results which satisfied all three of us.

Even if Halloween is on October 31st, we will have our party the day before simply because it is Sunday and some of the guests wouldn't be available on Monday.

If you are interested, you will have the new Halloween recipes available from Sunday evening, 30th October, they will be published between 21:00 and 21:30, Italy time (UTC+01:00).

See you very soon...

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