Ayran is a very popular yogurt based drink in Turkey which often accompanies döner kebap and lahmacun.

It is a very refreshing beverage, it is consumed alone as well in hot summer days

Some like their ayran thinner as some prefer thicker. You can adjust yogurt-ice-and water proportion up to your preference

As you may know you can make also your own yogurt with Thermomix. Here are the 3 main yogurt recipes I tried so far: 

Yogurt 1st Version
Yogurt 2nd Version
Yogurt 3rd Version 

I recently use 3rd one more often

Here are the ingredients and procedure for 2 glasses of Ayran beverage:


300g natural yogurt (Turkish/Greek type, unsweetened)
200g ice cubes (removed from the freezer 3-5minutes before use)
50g cold water


  • Place ice cubes, yogurt and salt in TM Bowl. Blend for 20 seconds speeding up gradually from 2 to 9
  • Insert Butterfly, add water and mix for 1 minute on Speed 3
  • Pour into glasses and serve immediately

Afiyet olsun....

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