Farro Lentil Soup

TÜRKÇE İÇİN TIKLAYIN "Buğdaylı Mercimek Çorbası"
PER ITALIANO "Zuppa di Farro e Lenticchie"

10g parsley leaves
40g onion, quartered
75g celery stalk, roughly chopped
60g carrot, roughly chopped
100g red pepper, roughly chopped
2 cloves of garlic
30g extra virgin olive oil
200g green lentils (to be weighed before rinsing)
1000gr boiling water
2 tsps Thermomix Meat or Vegetable Stock Concentrate
100g farro (spelt)


  • Chop parsley for 5 seconds on Speed 7 and set aside.
  • Chop onion, celery stalk, carrot, pepper and cloves of garlic by speeding Up and Down between 2 and 5 with short intervals until they are chopped as you desire.
  • Add oil and cook for 4 minutes at 100°C on Reverse /  Speed 1.
  • Add rinsed/drained lentils, Thermomix concentrate and boiling water. Cook for 10 minutes at 100°C on Reverse / Speed 1.
  • Add farro and half of parsley. Cook for 30 minutes at 100°C on Reverse / Speed 1.
  • Serve into serving bowls, sprinkle with the remaining parsley.

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