Halloween Cemetery Cake


Halloween Cemetery Cake

Halloween is very near.

If you are planning to make a cake but haven't decided which one yet this post could give you some idea..

I prepared Cemetery Cake like 3 years ago but for some reason I couldn't manage to share it until now! 
It is, in fact, a combination of various recipes that I had already posted in the blog.

For more Halloween ideas you can visit the blog posts under this label.


- Cake dough, syrup and filling cream from Chocolate Mimosa Cake recipe.
- Chocolate sauce for the top
- Biscuits for tombstone decoration
- Melted chocolate for tombstone decoration
- Ground Oreo biscuits for soil decoration
- Chocolate shards as in Devil's Food cake recipe for the edges of our cemetery cake


  • Prepare the cake dough as in the Chocolate Mimosa Cake recipe. However, bake in a 20x30 cm cake tin. Let it cool several hours.
  • Prepare the syrup as in the Chocolate Mimosa Cake recipe. (Considering our little guests I prepared the syrup without rum this time. Instead I used 150 g water, 50 g sugar and vanilla)
  • Cut cake in half.

Halloween Cemetery Cake

  • Brush the bottom layer with the half of the syrup. Spread the most of the filling cream over. (Keep a small amount of the filling cream aside to cover the edges later)

Halloween Cemetery Cake

  • Carefully place the 2nd layer. Brush with the remaining syrup.
  • Spread the Chocolate sauce on the top. Cover the edges with the remaining cream which you previously set aside. 
  • Decorate some biscuits like tombstones using some melted chocolate. 
  • Decorate the edges of the cake with chocolate shards which you prepared as in the Devil's Food cake recipe.
  • Make small incisions on the cake, where you plan to place the tombstones, and insert them gently.
  • Decorate in front of some of the tombstones with ground Oreo biscuits.
  • I have a Hallowen themed chocolate mold at home. I melted some white and milk chocolate and decorated my cake additionally with witha ghost, bat, skull and jack-o'-lanterns.

Halloween Cemetery Cake

  • Let your cake rest and cool in the fridge.


Halloween Cemetery Cake

Happy Halloween ;)

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