Persimmon Marmalade,
Dried Persimmon Rolls with Chocolate
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Persimmon Marmalade with Thermomix

Hello Friends,

This is going to be a post full of pictures and ideas.

Golden, delicious persimmons are in season these days so I don't want to lose any more time to share this post with you.  

1) Our first recipe is Persimmon Marmalade.

We prepare this recipe with only 3 ingredients: Persimmons, lemon and chia seeds. It doesn't contain any added sugar on the contrary to the traditional marmalade recipes.

Persimmons, which to me look like some kind of golden tomatoes, are very sweet when they are mature. They are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber.
Our marmalade has also chia seeds which are an excellent source of Omega 3, protein and fiber.

The trick here is that it is absolutely essential to have very ripe persimmons in order to obtain the taste and the texture we desire.

Under-ripe persimmon fruits are astringent and unpalatable to most of the people because of their high tannin content. As they mature the tannin gradually disappears and the fruit gets sweeter and more aromatic. 
If you have immature fruits you need to allow them to ripe before to use. When they are ready the flesh will become completely soft, almost liquid.

Persimmon Marmalade with Thermomix

500 g very ripe persimmons
20 g fresh lemon juice
50 g chia seeds

  •  Place persimmons and lemon juice in TM Bowl and mix for 10 seconds on Speed 5. 

Persimmon Marmalade with Thermomix

  • Add chia seeds. Mix for 10 seconds on Reverse / Speed 2-3.

Persimmon Marmalade with Thermomix

  • Transfer it to jars. Refrigerate for a few hours before you serve. It makes a very nice spread over our toasted Whole Wheat Bread slices.

Persimmon Marmalade with Thermomix

  • If you won't be able to consume all within a couple of days, put your marmalade in small jars and store them in the freezer.

Persimmon Marmalade with Thermomix

  • A more practical solution would be to fill your marmalade into ice trays and store in the freezer as mono portion marmalade cubes.

Some more ideas about how to use up your persimmons ... 

2) Puree your very ripe persimmons in your Thermomix. You can add some fresh lemon juice if you wish to do so. Fill fruit puree into ice trays and keep them in the freezer. You can use frozen persimmon cubes in your Smoothies . Since persimmon naturally has a high sugar content it will add sweetness in your smoothies without any need of added sugar.

Persimmon cubes for smoothies
Persimmon cubes for smoothies

3) If instead you choose to fill your persimmon puree & lemon juice mixture into your ice pop makers and then store them in the freezer, you will have some very delicious and healthy ice pops . If you wish you can even add some chia seeds into the mixture to enrich their nutritional value.

4) This last recipe is for those of you who own a food dryer / dehydrator... We will prepare some beautiful  Dried Persimmon Rolls with Chocolate... Besides a dehydrator you will need some very ripe persimmons, dark chocolate 70% and crushed walnuts..
  • Puree persimmons in TM Bowl for 5 - 10 seconds on Speed 5. Cut some baking paper to fit the size of your trays. The paper should cover also the sides of your tray. (1 cm height would be more than enough) Spread persimmon puree evenly over the baking paper. The spread shouldn't be thicker than 5 mm. The one you see in the picture is around 3 mm.

Dried Persimmon Rolls with Chocolate

  • Let it dry at 45 - 50ºC. I won't be able to tell you for how long. It will vary due to the brand and model of your dryer, the temperature you use, the number of the trays and the thickness of your spread. I'd say it'd be wiser to check every now and then mostly after the first 20 hours passed. It may take even 48 hours according to the thickness.

Dried Persimmon Rolls with Chocolate

  • Cut dried persimmon puree into desired length and width of strips and gently remove the paper. I own quite a basic model round shaped dehydrator. So I obtain 12 almost triangle looking strips out of each tray instead of rectangular ones.

Dried Persimmon Rolls with Chocolate

  • Place roughly broken chocolate pieces in TM Bowl and chop for 7 seconds on Speed 7. Clean the sides of TM Bowl with spatula and then warm at 50ºC on Speed 2-3 until it melts. 
  • Spread melted chocolate over the strips. Place some crushed walnuts.

Dried Persimmon Rolls with Chocolate

  • Roll and transfer into serving tray. (You may need to wait a little before you roll them as melted chocolate tends to leak out since it has a more liquid form when it is newly melted).

Dried Persimmon Rolls with Chocolate

Well.. What more can I say? Enjoy ;)

Dried Persimmon Rolls with Chocolate

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