Vanilla Sugar and Vanilla Extract

TÜRKÇE İÇİN TIKLAYIN "Vanilyalı Şeker ve Vanilya Özütü"
PER ITALIANO "Zucchero Vanigliato e Estratto di Vaniglia"

When I started preparing my own vanilla sugar with Thermomix the very first question I asked to myself was: Why in heaven's name didn't I do this before? Since then I made it several times for us and also as a gift. I'd like to share this very simple recipe with you today.

1 vanilla bean, cut into a few pieces
200g sugar

  • Put vanilla bean and sugar in a sterilized glass jar. Close tight the lid. Let it sit for 5 - 7 days. (According to the book Cucinare a Modo Mio it requires 2 - 3 days but I let is sit almost a week)

  • Pour contents of the jar in TM Bowl. Pulverize for 15 seconds on Speed 10. 

  • Put it back into the jar, seal tight, store in a dry place.

**You can use 1 table spoon of this vanilla sugar in your recipes instead of 1 bag of vanillin sugar**

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I am using 10g or more vanilla sugar to replace vanillin sugar, I am reducing the actual amount of the sugar in the recipe. For example, if, in a recipe that requires the use of 100g sugar, I plan to use 20g of vanilla sugar instead of vanillin, I reduce the amount of sugar to 80g.

Purchasing vanilla beans:
Make sure that you purchase fresh vanilla beans. Fresh vanilla pods are moist, plump, and have a strong aroma. They should look shiny, not dull. You'd better avoid beans that look dried out and woody.

While I was at it I also wanted to try to make my own Vanilla Extract. I got the recipe from Cafe Fernando. You won't need Thermomix for that. 
Practically I filled a bottle with 1 cup of vodka (240ml). I cut 3 vaniglia beans in lengthwise and then crosswise so that the beans would be immersed in vodka entirely. I stored the bottle in a cool dark place for 3 months before using, shaking the bottle once a week to help the extraction process. You can find further details in Cafe Fernando's page.

Below you can see the photos of my vanilla extract. The very first day and 3 and half months later.

As the regular followers may recall I used remaining vodka to prepare strawberry vodka. 
Nothing goes to waste in our household ! ;)

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