Fried Stuffed Olives "Olive Ascolane"


Today's recipe is coming from Ascoli Piceno of Marche Region in Italy. I had fried olives in Italy for the first time. They are superb! Stefano's family make them quite often. They are among the most popular products of family's pasta fresca shop as well.

You can have them as starter, appetizer, they keep great company also to meat, chicken and even fish dishes. I can personally have them even for breakfast or brunch. (Even if  I am recently having oats for breakfast, traditional Turkish breakfast or brunch are based on several kinds of cheeses, olives, salami, jam, omlette, tomato, cucumber, bread and of course several cups of tea. People who work during the week usually get by with a simple sandwich but mostly on the weekends the breakfast/brunch becomes the queen meal of the day)

Today I won't be giving you amount of the ingredients, I explain how they are made though.

We prepared these stuffed olives at the same time we prepared Tortellini. We stuffed them with the same chicken stuffing that we used for tortellini. You can make them also with meat stuffing or even fish one. I had the chance to eat also fish stuffed olives, they are gorgeous but I haven't made them myself. So I update this if someday I try them.

Here are the ingredients... 

  1. You need real large green olives for this recipe! If I remember well one olive of ours weighed around 10g and they were already pitted. I recommend you to buy pitted ones, otherwise you'll need some kind cherry/olive pitter.
  2. You can stuff them with chicken, meat or fish. 
  3. You need to coat them with Flour
  4. Beaten egg
  5. Bread Crumbs

Very easy to prepare.
  • Fill olives with your stuffing.

  • Coat with flour.
  • Coat with beaten eggs.

  • Coat with bread crumbs.

  • Once again coat with beaten egg and then bread crumbs.

  • Deep fry them until browned.


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