Strawberry Cheesecake

I rushed both preparation and photo. I promise I will take a better picture when I remake it :)

180g biscuits (I used 90g digestive biscuits and 90g Milk Arrowroot)
80g butter, roughly chopped

Cheese mixture:
1 lemon peel (washed, dried, roughly chopped)
150g sugar
400g ricotta cheese
250g mascarpone cheese
3 eggs
40g fresh limon juice

Strawberry Sauce:
3 gelatine leaves
400g strawberries
100g sugar
40g fresh lemon juice

  • Melt butter for 3-4 minutes at 80°C on Speed 2
  • Add biscuits and chop for 5 seconds on Speed 7
  • Cover a 24cm diameter cake tin with baking paper and spread biscuit-butter mixture by pressing with your hands. Let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes

  • With no need to wash TM Bowl, put lemon peel and chop for 7 seconds on Speed 7-8
  • Add sugar. Pulverize for 5 seconds on Speed 8
  • Add ricotta and mascarpone. Mix for 20 seconds on Speed 5
  • Add eggs and lemon juice. Mix 20 seconds on Speed 5

  • Pour cheese mixture on the biscuit base
  • Bake in preheated oven at 160°C for 20 minutes and then increase the temperature to 180°C, bake 20 minutes more
  • Turn OFF the oven and let it cool down in the oven

  • Soak gelatin leaves into cold water for 10 minutes
  • Put strawberries in previously washed and dried TM Bowl
  • Add sugar and lemon juice. Cook for 7 minutes at 70°C on Speed 4
  • Squeeze out gelatine leaves with your hands. Add them into strawberry sauce and mix for 30 seconds on Speed 4
  • Pour down onto cooled cheesecake. Put cheesecake in the fridge and let it rest for 1 day

  • If you like you can decorate with fresh strawberries before serving

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The link for the original recipe is here 

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