Tagliatelle, Pappardelle and Maltagliati


Yesterday I posted basic fresh egg pasta recipe.
Today I am going to use that pasta dough to prepare some tagliatelle, pappardelle and maltagliati. You will understand how easy they are to make when you see the photos. It is all about how you cut them.


Fresh egg pasta


  • Roll out the dough with a rolling pin or a pasta roller, sprinkle with a little flour when needed. We rolled out with a rolling pin as one big sheet however if you like you can divide the dough into a few small pieces and work separately. When I say "we" I mean myself and my mother in law ;)

  • After rolled let it rest a little before you fold it so that you can cut it easily.
  • Sprinkle with some flour and fold it. Since we had one big sheet, we folded from both ends (the top and also the bottom) to meet at the center as in the picture.

  • Sprinkle with a bit of flour and cut it due to pasta type you'd like to prepare.
  • Cut thinner stripes for tagliatelle, wider for pappardelle.

  • As for maltagliati, in italian it literally means "badly cut". They are very easy to prepare, just cut diagonally as in the picture. They are often used in minestrone or with some good amount of sauce.

  • Place your pasta neatly in a tray. Sprinkle with a bit of flour so that they wouldn't stick.
  • You can prepare them the day before, if so store in the fridge.
  • They are cooked approximately 1-3 minutes in salted boiling water with addition of 1 tbsp of oil. After cooked, they are drained and mixed with the sauce you prefer.

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