Fresh Egg Pasta: Pasta all'Uovo
An Introduction to the Pasta Fresca World


It's been quite a while since I said that I wanted to prepare fresh pasta: "Pasta fresca" and finally here we are.

This fresh egg pasta (pasta all'uovo) recipe is coming from the book called Io e il mio Bimby which is the Thermomix Guide and Recipe Book in Italy.

I hadn't tried this recipe before and I was curious if it was good enough to prepare worldwide famous Italian fresh pasta recipes. Consulting and in collaboration with the "professionals" with the advantage of being married to a family with pasta background I got down to work ;)

I'd like to say that it was tested and approved by my Pasta Fresca shop owner brother in law Domenico, my mother in law who has -in my opinion- enough knowledge and experience to write a thesis on traditional Italian cuisine and also my father in law who has got years of experience working in the pasta fresca shop. I should also add that I was told they used this recipe several times when they needed a small amount of pasta for home use - obviously at times when they sold out all from their production:)

This fresh egg pasta has a very wide range of use from tagliatelle and pappardelle to tortellini, ravioli and lasagne.

So here I am taking my first step into the pasta fresca universe. We'll have very special and beautiful recipes ahead of us ;)


300g flour
3 eggs (60g each)
1 tbsp olive oil
A pinch of salt


  • Place all the ingredients in TM Bowl and knead for 2 minutes.
  • Roll into a ball shape. Let it rest for 30-45 minutes under a bowl turned upside down.

Yes! This is all you'll have to do to prepare the dough to make those renowed Italian fresh pasta recipes! It is so easy with the help of Thermomix.

From this moment on it might require a certain level of practice and some patience of a saint depending on what type of pasta and quantity you'd like to prepare, but that's another story ;)

Important Notes:
  1. Try to get a good quality flour. The two different flours which I used gave me 2 different results. I believe you'd guess which one was better.
  2. 60g egg for 100g of flour is a good ratio. You can prepare more or less amount of dough by sticking to the ratio. I wouldn't recommend you to go over 500g flour-5eggs to knead with Thermomix. If you need a larger quantity - if that's the case may God give you patience for later :) - prepare 2 or more doughs due to your needs. Change only flour and egg quantity, the amount of the oil won't change.
  3. Generally speaking 1 portion size of uncooked tagliatelle type of fresh pasta is about 120-150g whereas it is 180-200g for tortellini type stuffed pasta. As for dried pasta it is 80-90g. Of course the first set of the numbers are the recommended portions however noone can deny that the second set of the numbers look more appealing to the pasta lovers such as myself! :)

Enjoy and have a nice work.

To be continued...
Coming soon...  ;)

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