Moroccan Soup Harira


The recipe of today is the famous traditional Moroccan Soup Harira

Moroccans traditionally have this soup during Ramadan period at Iftar when they break their fasting. I'd absolutely recommend this delicious soup especially in cold winter days

100g chickpeas
1350g water
20g flour
30g tomato paste
350g tomatoes, roughly chopped
80g onion,quartered
1 clove of garlic
4 sprigs of coriander (leaves only)
4 sprigs of parsley (leaves only)
100g celery stick, roughly chopped
300g beef, cut into 1 x 1 cm pieces
1 tsp salt
2 tsps ral el hanout (otherwise see below)
100g green lentils, washed and rinsed
1-2 tbsps fresh lemon juice

If you don't have ras el honut spice, you can alternatively use the below spice mixture (I did so)
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp hot paprika
1 tsp turmeric

  • Put chickpeas in a bowl together with 500g water and let them rest for 6-8 hours

  • Put flour, tomato paste and 200g of water in TM Bowl and mix for 10 seconds on Speed 5- Set aside
  • Put tomatoes, onion, garlic, coriander, parsley and celery in TM Bowl, chop for 7 seconds on Speed 7. Scrape down the sides of TM Bowl with spatula
  • Add meat, drained chickpeas, salt, spices and 650g water. Cook for 20 minutes at 100ºC on Reverse / Soft Speed
  • Add lentils. Cook for 15 minutes at 100ºC on Reverse / Soft Speed
  • Add tomato paste-flour mixture and mix for 15 seconds on Reverse / Speed 1
  • Cook for 10 minutes at 100ºC on Reverse / Soft Speed
  • Add lemon juice and transfer into tureen
  • Serve into bowls

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It's adapted with a few changes from the recipe called Zuppa Marocchina "Harira" in the book named Cucinare a Modo Mio

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