Minestra Contadina

160g carrots
90g potato
110g spring onions (I used fresh shallots)
100g tomato
120g leek
20g olive oil
40g Thermomix Vegetable Stock Concentrate
850g water
120g spaghetti

  • Chop all the veggies roughly and place in TM Bowl
  • Add oil, TM concentrate and water. Cook for 15 minutes at Varoma Temperature on Speed 1
  • Blend it by pressing Turbo
  • Break spaghetti into 3 pieces and add them into the soup
  • Cook for 6-7 minutes at 100ºC on Reverse / Speed 1 (check if cooked enough. If not, continue to cook few more minutes)
  • Adjust salt
  • Serve into bowls

Buon Appetito....

It's been adapted from this recipe with a few modifications
Thanks to Katia-Spina....


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