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For today I have a very easy recipe which you can simply use whatever you have at home. It is also very refreshing and light

6 People
10-12 unsalted toast slices (the size of a slice may vary from brand to brand)
150g water
40g sugar
20g fresh lemon juice


Chopped mixed fruits as you wish (I used banana, strawberry, plum, kiwi, orange, pear and apple. When you use different color fruits it looks very pretty)

150g water
40g fresh lemon juice
10g corn starch
75g sugar

  • Place toast slices side by side in a large dish to form a rectangle

  • For the base, mix water, sugar and lemon juice for 10 seconds on Speed 3
  • Pour the mixture by a spoon and wet the toast slices
  • Place chopped fruits on the toast base
  • To prepare gel, put all of the gel ingredients in TM Bowl and cook for 12 minutes at 90ºC on Speed 3. Let it rest 2-3 minutes in TM Bowl
  • Pour the gel over the fruits
  • Keep it in the fridge for 2-3 hours before you serve

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