Aromatic Chicken


10g parsley leaves, washed and dried
2-3 leaves of sage
1-2 springs of rosemary (leaves only)
1 lemon peel (without the white)
500g chicken breast slices
20-30 capers
15g shallot
30g olive oil
150g water
1 tbsp apple vinegar
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp cognac or brandy
80-100g fresh orange juice
Salt and black pepper
1 tsp cornstarch (optional)

  • Prepare the green aromatic zest. Place parsley, sage and rosemary leaves in the TM bowl. Add 1 lemon peel. Proceed 30 seconds on speed 7.  

  • Put flour and salt in a bowl and mix. Put chicken breast slices inside and coat with flour lightly. Place them in the steamer basket. Sprinkle with the green aromatic zest and capers over each layer.

  • Place onion in TM Bowl. Chop for 3 seconds on Speed 5. Scrape down the sides with spatula. Add olive oil and cook for 3 minutes at 100°C on Speed 1.
  • Add water, apple vinegar, balsamic vinegar, cognac, orange juice, salt and black pepper in the TM bowl. 

  • Place the steamer basket in the TM bowl. Close the lid and also with the MC. Cook for 30 minutes at 100°C on Speed 3. When it’s cooked set aside and keep warm.

  • Optional last step: If you would like to thicken your sauce, after setting aside your chicken, add cornstarch in your sauce in the TM bowl and cook for another 3 minutes at 90°C on Speed 3.
  • Place the chicken slices in the plates, pour some sauce over and serve. 

Adapted with a few changes from the recipe titled Petti di Pollo Aromatici in the book called A Tavola con Carne.

I served them with Sweet Potato Frittata.

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