Cookies with Cornmeal

Before you try this recipe, please check the related posts in Forum Thermomix web site!!!
You should know that there is a debate going on about cornflour and cornmeal.
Apparently cornflour refers to cornstarch in some countries.
I live in Italy and what I used in this recipe is yellow cornmeal for polenta which is called as "Farina di granoturco/Farina di mais". In Turkish it is called as "Misir Unu"
I believe you will have enough information when you visit the link I've given above.

When you find the right ingredients I can assure you that this is a wonderful recipe. I had seen it in a Turkish magazine and recently I’ve adapted it to Thermomix. I got many compliments whenever I made these cookies. I highly recommend them.

200g margarine or butter (room temperature)
170g sugar
2 eggs
140g yellow cornmeal (not cornstarch!!!)
200g plain flour
1 pack of vanillin sugar
1 pinch of salt

150g bitter chocolate

Put margarine and sugar in the TM bowl, proceed 3 minutes on Speed 4. (From the 2nd minute add the eggs one by one)
Use spatula to clean down the sides of the TM bowl. Add plain flour and cornflour by sifting. Add also vanillin and salt. Mix for 1.5 minutes on Speed 3-4 and at the same time use also the spatula through the hole of TM lid.
Cover the bake tray with wax paper (oven paper). Put the mixture in a pastry bag. And form the cookies by squeezing them onto the wax paper with the desired shape.
Bake them in 175ºC preheated oven for 15-20 minutes.

Make use of the bain-marie method to melt the chocolate.
When the cookies are cooled down, immerse half the cookies in the chocolate sauce and place them on alluminium foil. Let them rest until the chocolate cools down and sticks nicely on the cookies.


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