Gazpacho Andaluz

It is the perfect cold soup for summer days! So delicious!

1000g ripe unpeeled tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
50g green pepper
40g onion
100g cucumber
40g vine vinegar
10g salt
8 ice cubes
100g cold water
100g extra ice
50g EVO

  • Cut out the core piece at the top of tomatoes, take out the seeds
  • Cut roughly all the vegetables and put in TM bowl. Add 8 ice cubes, vinegar and salt. Blend for 30 seconds on Speed 5 and then for 3 minutes on Speed 10
  • Add water and 100g ice, blend for 2 minutes on Speed 8.
  • As last step add EVO and blend for 30 seconds on Speed 5
  • You can serve into soup bowls or glasses

Thanks to Forum Thermomix and Bron my dreams of making Gazpacho soup finally came true! :)
You can see the original recipe here

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