Rice Flour Daisy Bread

350g water
25g fresh yeast
10g honey
500g flour
170g rice flour
40g EVO
15g salt
Sesame, poppy seeds (optional)
  • Put water, honey and yeast in TM Bowl. 1 minute 37°C Speed 3
  • Sift in flours. Add EVO and salt. Knead for 6 minutes
  • Put dough in a deep porcelain or glass bowl. Cover with plastic film. Let it rise for 1 hour
  • Cover tray with wax paper (I used 28cm diameter tray)
  • Get approx 30g pieces from the dough. Roll them into a ball shape and then place them on the tray (first from outer circle to inner)
  • Cover with plastic film and let it rise 1 more hour
  • Brush on the top with a little milk. Wet also your index finger. Press it first on sesame or poppy seeds and then gently on the bread
  • Bake in preheated oven at 200°C for 40 minutes
Buon appetito

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