Olive and Walnut Bread


This is the first recipe that I published in the blog and it is also one of the best bread recipes I've tried so far.
You can consume it in 2-3 days. In that case I'd recommend you to warm it in a pan or oven

200g water
100g milk
10g sugar
20g fresh yeast
540g bread flour
20g olive oil
10g salt

150g pitted black and/or green olives (halved)
50g walnuts (roughly crushed)

  • Put water, milk and sugar in TM Bowl. Warm for 1 minute at 37ºC on Speed 2
  • Add fresh yeast and mix for 4 seconds on Speed 4
  • Sift in flour. Add oil and salt. Knead for 4 minutes
  • Transfer it into a deep bowl, cover with plastic film and let it rise for 1 hour
  • Flour very little the surface you'll work on. Sprinkle also the dough with a bit flour and roll out around 30 x 50 cm with a rolling pin

  • Spread olives and walnuts. Roll into a log shape. Sprinkle with a little flour on the top. Cut into around 5cm slices (I got 10 in total)

  • Place them into oven tray which is previously covered with baking paper. Let them rise for 30-45 minutes

  • Bake them in preheated oven at 180°C for 30 minutes.

Rising times may differ depending on the seasons

It's adapted with some changes from the recipe named Pane alle Olive in the Io e il mio Bimby


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