Zucchini Quiche


170g margarine (at room temperature)
120g yogurt
5g salt
10g baking powder
460g flour

Zucchini-Cheese Mixture
300g zucchini (peeled and roughly chopped)
1 egg white
20g EVO
40g milk
40g milk cream
Black pepper
100g white cheese (greek kind)
100g emmental kind of cheese
10 basil leaves

1 egg yolk (to brush on the top)
  • Mix margarine, yogurt, salt and baking powder for 1,5 minutes on Speed 3
  • Place a bowl on TM, sift in flour and weigh (460g). Set aside
  • Start it for 2 minutes on Speed 3. Pour down flour through the hole of TM Lid by spoon
  • Start it for 2 minutes on Speed 4. Mix also with TM Spatula through the hole of TM Lid
  • Knead it for 2 minutes
  • Mix it for 1 minute on Speed 6
  • Put it in a bowl, cover with plastic film and let it rest for half an hour
  • Put zucchini in TM Bowl. Chop it for 10 seconds speeding up gradually to Speed 7
  • Put them in a drainer, sprinkle with a little salt, drain and squeeze the liquid away
  • Beat egg yolk, EVO, milk, milk cream and black pepper for 1 minute on Speed 4. Add zucchini, cheeses and basil leaves. Chop for 2 seconds on Turbo. Repeat several times
  • Cut baking paper to cover your tart tin (should cover also the sides)
  • Roll out dough with a rolling pin (slightly bigger than the size of the baking paper). Put baking paper over and turn it. Transfer it to tart tin
  • Cut the exceeding parts by scissors. Spread zucchini-cheese mixture on the top
  • Knead for 20-30 seconds the parts you cut. Roll out with a rolling pin. Cut into 3 strips. Place 2 strips on the top to form a + shape. Give the third one a knot shape and place it where the 2 strips meet
  • Brush the strips and the sides of quiche with slightly beaten egg yolk.
  • Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for 25-30 minutes
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