Honey Mustard Chicken


60g onion (quartered)
30g olive oil
1/2 tsp turmeric
20g flour
100g water
600g chicken (2-3cm cubed)
1 tbsp Thermomix stock concentrate
20g wholegrain mustard
30g honey
150g cream

  • Chop onion for 3 seconds on Speed 7 and scrape down the sides of TM Bowl with spatula
  • Add oil and cook for 3 minutes at 100ºC on Speed 1
  • Add turmeric and flour. Mix for 3 seconds on Speed 4
  • Add water and cook for 1 minute at 70ºC on Speed 1
  • Add chicken, stock concentrate, wholegrain mustard and honey. Cook for 5 minutes at 100ºC on Reverse / Soft Speed
  • Add cream and cook for 15-20 minutes at 100ºCon Reverse / Soft Speed

Serving tip: You can serve it with rice

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The link for the original recipe is here 

Thanks to Trudy o for this delicious recipe

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