Rich Vegetable Sauce


I am back again after a long break. After 10 sweet days in Istanbul we came back together with mom and she was here for 20 days. Naturally I couldn't take care of my blog. It is time to continue from where we left so here is my first recipe after a long holiday

If you like vegetables I'd highly recommend this sauce. Light and delicious!

Alternatively, it would be also great as a side dish for meat

50g onion (quartered)
1 clove of garlic
50g carrot (roughly chopped)
40g extra virgin olive oil
Red pepper flakes (optional)
150g artichoke hearts (washed, peeled, sliced)
200g green peas (I used frozen)
300g asparagus (washed, cleaned, 0.5cm sliced)
1 tsp Thermomix vegetable stock concentrate
50g white wine
100g water
150g zucchini (washed, chopped)
Salt, black pepper
Grated parmesan

  • Chop onion, garlic and carrot for 5 seconds on Speed 7. Scrape down the sides with spatula
  • Add oil, red pepper flakes, artichokes, peas, asparagus and TM stock concentrate. Cook for 10 minutes at 100ºCon Reverse / Soft Speed
  • Add wine, water, zucchini, pepper and salt. Cook for 12 minutes at 100ºC on Reverse / Soft Speed. (You may continue to cook a couple of minutes if you feel any need)
  • You will have a bit watery sauce. It would be great with tagliatelle, pappardelle, fettucini etc
  • Transfer the sauce in a teflon pan, mix with boiled-drained pasta on medium heat for a couple of minutes so that pasta would absorb the sauce
  • Serve into plates, sprinkle with parmesan 

Afiyet olsun...

It's adapted with a few changes from the recipe called "Sugo di Verdure in Bianco" in Io e il mio Bimby

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