Pastry Cream

PER ITALIANO "Crema Pasticcera"

It is a kind of cream which is often used as filling for numerous pastry products like cakes, tarts, pan di spagna (Italian sponge cake), bigne (choux pastry) etc.

500g full fat milk
5 fresh egg yolks
1 sachet vanillin (or 1 tbsp vanilla sugar or 1 tsp vanilla extract)
60g potato starch (or wheat starch)
100g sugar

  • Place all the ingredients in TM Bowl. Cook for 9 minutes at 90°C on Speed 4.
  • Transfer it into a bowl and let it cool. Use it at room temperature or cold.

Note 1: I find 50g of starch amount which is indicated in the original recipe too little. So I use 60g of starch (depending on the recipe even 65g sometimes).

Note 2: When I prepare this kind of creams, which have high amount of eggs or yolks, I make sure that I use newly bought extra fresh eggs. Otherwise, the cream smells too much of eggs.

Note 3: You can increase the cooking time a couple of minutes if you wish a thicker cream.

Adapted with a few changes from "Crema Pasticcera" recipe in "Io e il mio Bimby".

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