Steamed Vegetables

Thermomix Steamed Vegetables

One of my favourite Thermomix features is Varoma, which means steaming.
I use it very often to steam vegetables.
I use my steamed vegetables as side dish when I have grilled meat, chicken and fish... or when I make pasta or rice salads... or as a filling for piadina, sandwiches... ecc.

The ingredients vary due to the season or what I have available at home. 
For example here are the veggies that I used for today's vegetable dish.

100g carrot
150g red bell pepper
400g mushrooms
350g zucchini
75g pumpkin
75g green peas (i used frozen ones)

500g water

  • Put water in TM Bowl.
  • Chop and slice all the vegetables and place them in Varoma Bowl and Varoma Tray.

Thermomix Steamed Vegetables

Thermomix Steamed Vegetables

  • Steam for 20 - 25 minutes at Varoma Temperature on Speed 3. (After 20 minutes I set aside Varoma Tray. Instead mostly carrots needed a bit more steaming so I steamed vegetables in Varoma Bowl for another 5 minutes.)
  • Transfer vegetables in serving tray. You can drizzle with olive oil and season with salt. If you wish you can use Citronette or Vinaigrette salad dressings. Or you can use some other sauce that you like. (I used Citronette)

Thermomix Steamed Vegetables


  • I'd recommend you to put the vegetables which require longer steaming time in Varoma Bowl, the others in Varoma Tray.
  • The size of your chopped or sliced veggies would affect on steaming time.

Thermomix Steamed Vegetables

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