Chicken Salad


It is perfect for summer days! You can prepare for a picnic or when you go to beach. You can take it to work when you feel like preparing your own lunch

25 pitted olives
70g cheese like gouda, emmental, etc
50g blue cheese like roquefort, gorgonzola
450g chicken breast fillets
250g mushrooms, sliced
130g red pepper, cut into small pieces
130g carrot, cut into small pieces
1 spring of rosemary
3-4 sage leaves
1 litre water
1/2 lemon
100g canned corn
150g cherry tomatoes, cut in half
20g extra virgin olive oil

  • Chop olives for 1 sec on Speed 4-5. If you want to chop smaller repeat and then set aside 
  • Chop cheeses for 4 seconds on Speed 5-6 and set aside together with olives
  • Put chopped mushrooms, peppers and carrots in Varoma Bowl
  • Wet baking paper under the tap water and then squeeze it with your hands (gently not to tear the paper). Pit it in Varoma Tray
  • Place chicken fillets. Put rosemary (as whole) and sage leaves over chicken. Fold the baking paper over chicken and close. Put Varoma Lid ON
  • Put water, salt and lemon in TM Bowl. Place Varoma Bowl and Varoma Tray. Steam for 20 minutes at Varoma Temperature on Speed 1
  • Cut chicken into strips. After cooled down put all the ingredients (chicken, veggies, olives, cheeses, corns and cherries) in a deep bowl. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and mix. Let it rest a while in the fridge and then serve

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