Raw Vegetable Soup

We use raw vegetables in this soup except potatoes. You can boil potatoes in advance or cook them in microwave oven. Most of us don't use our microwaves properly, including myself. We usually use them just to defrost or warm food. Their cooking function is underappreciated. I cooked potatoes in microwave for this recipe. According to my microwave's guidebook practically you just wash and wipe potatoes and then make some holes with a fork. Then cook them around 7-8 minutes in max Watt (mine has 850W), covered with plastic film

4 people
400g water
25g Thermomix vegetable stock
80g celery
50g onion
70g carrot
200g zucchini
150g cooked potatoes
50g chard leaves
8-10 basil leaves

Optional: extra virgin olive oil, grated parmesan

  • Put water and TM vegetable stock and warm for 7 minutes at 100ºC on Speed 1
  • Chop roughly all the vegetables
  • Add all the vegetables and blend for 1 minute on Speed 7-8
  • Serve into bowls. 
  • You can drizzle with a little oil and sprinkle with some Parmesan if you wish

Buon Appetito...

Note: You will have a thick soup with this recipe. You can make it thinner by adding some more hot water 

It is adapted from Io e il mio Bimby with a few changes

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