Light Fruit Juice

It is a pleasure to prepare fruit juice with Thermomix because you have endless freedom

I would like to share the fruit juice recipe which I make very often recently. I don't use any type of sugar, honey or sweetener.

You can take it to work in a thermos if you wish. It would be great as a snack. 

I use whatever fruits I have in the fridge. I put banana almost all the time because it gives density. I use many fruits without peeling such as apple, pear, peach... It would be enough just to remove the seeds

The ingredients and the procedure for the juice in the photo are as below:

2 people
400g seeds removed and roughly chopped fruits (apple, orange, peach, banana, strawberry, plum, pineapple, fig)
100g ice cubes (left at the room temperature for 5 minutes)

  • Put all the ingredients in TM Bowl and blend for 40-60 seconds by speeding up form 4 to 10. That's all!


Note: I'd recommend you to prepare minimum 2 portions to have the right juice texture. If you need more portions, you can add 200g of fruits and 50g of ice cubes for each person

Note 2: As you know the best way is to drink your juice instantly. If you plan to take it to work or picnic keep it in thermos. If it will take long before you drink it add also some lemon into your juice while preparing. Consume all the same day

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