Leftovers: Making Pasta Sauce From Vegetable Terrine

The regular followers of the blog would know that I made Vegetable Terrine a few days back. As you can guess in the families of two like ours there are often leftovers and this was what happened with terrine as well. For me, one of the most effective and tasty ways to deal with leftovers is to use them as pasta sauce as I did so for this one

I won't be giving an exact recipe but just an idea. 

So how did I prepare this sauce? I put leftovers in TM Bowl. I added a little water, cheese and a pincg of sugar. You can add also salt if needed. Then I made a puree of them on Speed 7. I cooked for 5 minutes at 90ºC on Speed 2. That's all!

I mixed my sauce with boiled and drained pasta. I sprinkled with some grated parmesan

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