Steamed Meatballs, Pepper and Rice With Curry Sauce


It is one of the All in One recipes where you can prepare altogether. Your lunch or dinner will be ready in a short time.

1 clove of garlic
1 quartered shallot (or scallion)
500g minced meat
50g bread crumbs (or 3 slices of bread)
A little milk to wet bread crumbs (or bread)
Salt, black pepper
1 dessert spoon marjoram
1 dessert spoon mustard

Pepper and Rice:
600g green, yellow, red peppers
300g rice

Curry Sauces:
5-10g parsley leaves
20g Thermomix Vegetable Stock
30g margarine or butter
30g flour
3 dessert spoon curry
A pinch of salt
20g fresh lemon juice
100g milk cream

Chopped vegetables to steam in Varoma Tray

To cook:
900g water

  • Chop parsley for 5 seconds on Speed 7 and set aside
  • Cut peppers into batons and put 2/3 of them in Varoma Bowl

  • Chop garlic and shallot for 10 seconds on Speed 6
  • Put bread crumbs (which are preciously soaked into milk and squeezed and drained by your hands), minced meat, egg, salt, black pepper, marjoram and mustard in TM Bowl and mix for 30 seconds on Speed 4. Set aside

  • With no need to wash TM Bowl, put water and salt. Place steaming basket. Bring it to boil for 10 minutes at 100°C on Speed 1

  • In the meantime prepare meatballs and place them over the peppers in Varoma Bowl 
  • Cover meatballs with the remaining 1/3 of peppers which you previously set aside
  • Optional: If you wish you can steam some vegetables also in Varoma Tray (I steamed 1 carrot, 1 zucchini and 3 portobello mushrooms)
  • Place Varoma Bowl (and Varoma Tray if you are steaming extra veggies) on TM Bowl and close Varoma Lid
  • Steam for 20-25 minutes at Varoma Temperature on Speed 1 (After 5 minutes passed, pour down rice through the hole of TM Lid and continue to cook. I cooked 23 minutes in total)

  • Drain and put rice in a bowl, close the lid and keep warm
  • Put Varoma Bowl (and Varoma Tray) aside and keep warm with Varoma lid ON
  • Insert butterfly in TM Bowl. Add Thermomix vegetable stock, chopped parsley, margarine, flour, curry and lemon juice into the remaining water. Cook for 5 minutes at 80°C on Speed 4 with MC ON. (After 4 minutes passed lower the speed to 2 and pour milk cream through the hole of TM Lid)

  • Pour 5-7 tbsps of curry sauce on rice and mix 
  • Serve rice into plates
  • Place peppers and meatballs on the top. Drizzle with some curry sauce and serve


The link for the original recipe is here or there

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