Bechamel Sauce

It is very easy and practical to prepare bechamel sauce with Thermomix. I believe you might have a recipe in the book that is given when you bought Thermomix. The recipe I am using, which is from Io e il mio Bimby, is as follows:

FULL RECIPE (with 1000gr milk)

1000g milk
100g flour
50g butter or margarine
1 tsp salt
Nutmeg, black pepper

  • Put all the ingredients in TM Bowl and cook for 12 minutes at 90ºC on Speed 4

HALF RECIPE (With 500g milk)

  • Halve the ingredients and cook for 7 minutes at 90ºC on Speed 4

Note: If you would like a thicker bechamel sauce you can add flour, if you would like a thinner one you can add milk. (I am using the mentioned amount of ingredients with no addition of any flour or milk. In my opinion it results just the right texture) 

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