Ice-Cream & Biscuit Cake

I must say that it’s been quite challenging to take a photo because I had to be very fast since the ice-cream was melting. I tried many times and at the end I succeeded. Even if the picture quality is not very high it is better than nothing :)

I prepared both biscuit cake and ice-cream myself.

I placed ice-cream and biscuit cake in an 11x30cm cake tin. I put them in a diagonal way, it looks very nice but there is a catch! Out of the freezer, defrosting time for biscuit cake and ice-cream slightly differ. Ice-cream starts melting by the time biscuit cake is softened. If you like you can freeze them separately, first get biscuit cake out of freezer, slice and serve it into plates and then prepare and serve ice-cream on the top (or next to) biscuit cake. Freezing them separately would make the process way much faster and easier. You could also avoid defrosting problem

Creamy Ice-cream
250g whole milk
250g fresh milk cream
150g sugar
2 egg yolks
A pinch of salt
5g vanillin sugar

2 cloves
1 cinnamon stick

  • Put milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks, salt and vanillin sugar in TM Bowl and cook for 6 minutes at 80ºC on Speed 3
  • Cover a wide tin or pan with plastic film. Pour down the mixture. Add cloves and cinnamon. Let it cool down at room temperature
  • After cooled down, remove cloves and cinnamon. Put it in the freezer at least 12 hours

Biscuit cake
130g margarine (cut into pieces)
85g sugar
300g milk
15g unsweetened cacao powder
1 egg yolk
45g flour

200g Petit Beurre biscuits (Leibniz-keks) / or Milk Arrowroot biscuits

  • Melt margarine for 3 minutes at 90ºC on Speed 2
  • Add sugar, milk, cacao, egg yolk and flour. Mix for 15 seconds on Speed 3-4.
  • Cook for 6 minutes at 90ºC on Speed 3-4
  • Cook for 2 more minutes at 100ºC on Speed 4
  • Pour it down into a deep bowl. Add biscuits by breaking by your hands. Mix with a spoon or spatula and let it cool down

  • If you want to do just like in the picture, cover a 11x30cm cake tin with plastic film and put the biscuit mixture inside in a diagonal pressing by your hands
  • Take ice-cream out of freezer, cut into big pieces and put in TM Bowl. Mix for 20 seconds on Speed 6 and then for 10 seconds on Speed 4
  • Put also the ice-cream in cake tin and let it rest in the freezer for 12 hours.
  • Slice and serve into plates 

  • If you want to make separately as I explained why in the beginning of this post, cover a cake tin with plastic film, put biscuit mixture inside by pressing with your hands, let it rest for 12 hours in the freezer
  • Let it stay at room temperature for 5 minutes, slice and serve into plates
  • Complete preparing ice-cream: Take ice-cream out of freezer, cut into big pieces and put in TM Bowl. Mix for 20 seconds on Speed 6 and then for 10 seconds on Speed 4
  • Serve ice-cream into plates. On the top or next to biscuit cake

The Creamy Ice-cream recipe is from Io e il mio Bimby

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