Turkish Style Marinated Chicken on Skewers

500-750g chicken breast
1 onion, quartered (100g)
1 clove garlic
100g yogurt
1 tbsp tomato paste
40g extra virgin olive oil
Salt, black pepper, dried thyme, red pepper flakes
Green pepper
Cherry tomatoes
Wooden skewers


  • Cut chicken into mid sized cubes and put in a deep bowl (which has also a lid to close later)
  • Chop onion and garlic for 2 seconds on Speed 7. Clean down the sidesof TM Bowl and repeat it a couple of times, set aside
  • Place a drainer on TM Bowl, pour down onion-garlic mixture and drain the liquid into TM Bowl by pressing by a spoon. Throw out the pulp if you won't use it. (you can use in soups, salads.. etc)
  • Add yogurt, tomato paste, oil, salt and spices. Mix for 10 seconds on Speed 4
  • Pour sauce onto chicken. Close the lid of the bowl. Let it rest in the fridge at least 4-5 hours. (I usually prepare the day before)
  • Cut cherry tomatoes into half if they are big. Remove the seeds of green peppers and slice them
  • Thread chicken, tomatoes and peppers into skewers
  • Cook on grill, bbq or grill pan by turning them every once in a while. (I used grill pan)

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