Mince Meat Curry


Finally I made judydawn's famous mince meat recipe! It is very easy and delicions! In my opinion it could be used as pasta sauce as well.

I'd recommend you to serve it with some rice.

I used Apple Chutney which I posted few days back and it was just great! You can use another fruit chutney that you buy or prepare.

I noted down also the weight in grams. They are just indicative to give an idea

1 quartered onion (100g)
2 cloves of garlic
2 roughly chopped carrots (150g)
2 roughly chopped celery sticks (80g)
45g EVO
1 heaped tsp curry
500g minced meat
250g water (200+50)
20g Thermomix vegetable or meat stock
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 heaped tbsp fruit chutney (see Apple Chutney recipe)
30g cornstarch

  • Chop onion, carrot and celery sticks for 3 seconds on Speed 5
  • Add EVO and saute for 4 minutes 100ºC on Speed 1
  • Add curry and minced meat. Cook for 10 minutes at Varoma Temperature on Reverse/Speed 1 with Measuring Cup (MC) on.
  • Melt cornstarch in 50gr water and add in TM Bowl. Add the rest of the water, Thermomix stock, tomato paste and chutney. Cook for 15 minutes at 100ºC on Speed 1 with MC on (If you think that there is too much liquid, continue cooking with MC off)

Thanks to judydawn for this delicious recipe

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