35g parmesan, roughly chopped
500g chicken breast, chopped into mid size cubes
120-150g frozen spinach
1 egg
20g flour

1-2 beaten eggs
Bread crumbs
Extra virgin olive oil

  • Take spinach previously out of freezer to defrost (or defrost in microwave). Squeeze out the liquid by your hands (Drained amount will be approx 50-75g)
  • Grate parmesan speeding up from 2 to 9 for 15 seconds
  • Add chicken cubes and chop for 15 seconds on Speed 7
  • Add spinach and mix for 10 seconds on Speed 4
  • Add egg, flour and salt. Mix for 10 seconds on Speed 4
  • Cover oven tray with baking paper. Get pieces from the chicken mixture, roll and flatten out.  (You can wet your hands to work better or you can use an hamburger press. I got 8 pieces in total, approx. 9cm wide)
  • First coat with beaten egg and then bread crumbs. (If you wish coat one more time with beaten eggs and bread crumbs) Place them in oven tray.
  • Spray or drizzle with very little oil 
  • Bake in preheated oven at 180ºC for 25-30 minutes (After 15 minutes turn them upside down and continue cooking)

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Note: If you wish you can fry them as well.

The link for the original recipe is here 
Many thanks to bellaisa for sharing.

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